Some rules to read, before posting.

For all english speakers, please go there to discuss in English !
***Introduction required to post elsewhere****

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Some rules to read, before posting.

Hi all,
Welcome to Forum Frenchy-Ponies, a forum for the French fans of MLP: FiM.

As you can see, we also leave a section open for those who don't speak French (and so avoid them some bad translation on google translate trads, for example).

At first, you need to introduce yourself here:
If you have any ideas to make it:
1) Origin of your username?
2) How did you know MLP: Fim?
3) Favorite Pony? (You can find the names of characters here:
4) Cutie Mark.
5) The group in which you want to be (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth pony) [Do not forget it!]
6) How did you hear about Frenchy ~ Ponies?
7) Whatever you want.

Then, there are some rules to follow:
-The only language allowed here (for the sake of understanding) is English, whatever your native language or forum you represent (even French here).
-The use of English is not permitted in other sections of the forum, if you want to post elsewhere you are free to do so, but this time in French.
--> In case you would like to post on the rest of the forum, simply send us a PM.
-The flood is prohibited, you can discuss what you want, but not 34, gore, creepy etc ...
-No insults, foul language or other disputes. Also make sure to write legibly, so no sms texting, please.

Any abuse of these rules will be punished by a warning and to see a banishment.

If you are a founder or admin of a Brony website you show up, do the form: << [language-Site] Site name. >> in the title of the topic.

Other rules may be added in the future, and you'll be notified at that time.
Thank you, and have a good time on our forum ;)